Divest Princeton. (10/20/19). No donations until divestment: open letter to Princeton University’s President Chris Eisguber[In October of 2019, Divest Princeton launched its campaign with a petition for current and future alumni to withhold donations until Princeton divested from fossil fuels.]

Divest Princeton (2/19/20). Princeton must divest from fossil fuels. [On Fossil Fuel Divestment Day, Divest Princeton formally submitted a request to the Council of the Princeton University Community Resources Committee, petitioning that the University divest from all fossil fuel companies. This is the submitted proposal in its entirety.]



Reynolds, Hannah 7/24/20 In the Nation’s Service and the Service of Humanity: a call to embrace our motto this fall, Daily Princetonian.

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Loo, Lynn 7/2/20 Urgency of climate change demands all hands on deck to transform the energy systemDaily Princetonian

Hiltner, Anna 6/25/20 Princeton must #BreakupwithExxon: an open letter to Andlinger from Divest Princeton, Daily Princetonian 


Takeuchi, Mayu 6/29/20 ​​Taking Responsibility: Fossil Fuels, Divestment, and Environmental Racism, Nassau Weekly 


Video by Doskoch, E. and Dodici, M. (3/29/20). Divest Princeton leads march on Nassau Hall, delivers letter to U. Official. Daily Princetonian

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Gracia-Zhang, M. (2/18/20). An interview with Divest Princeton. The Progressive

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Spike, C. (10/23/19) Student and Alumni Group Urges University to Divest From Fossil-Fuel Companies. Princeton Alumni Weekly.


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