Divest Princeton is a coalition of students, faculty, and alumni calling on Princeton University to #divest our endowment from fossil fuel companies and reinvest responsibly.


No donations until divestment.

Join the growing number of current and future alumni who pledge to withhold donations until Princeton divests from fossil fuels.* Click the button below to sign.

*If you would still like to support higher education, check out these organizations recommended by Princeton alumni working in the field.

Engage the Princeton community.

An important criteria in recommending divestment is widespread support among the Princeton community. Send an email to President Eisgruber, the Resources Committee, and the Board of Trustees to show your support for divestment. Feel free to use our email templates. Your voice matters.

There are many ways to help lead the push for divestment. Divest Princeton has many ongoing projects - organize, conduct research, manage social media, produce graphics and video, host an event, write an article, and more. Email ffdivestprinceton@gmail.com to sign up for our weekly meetings and Slack.




Browse position statements and other official documents here, along with media coverage from The Daily Princetonian, Princeton Alumni WeeklyTown Topics, and more. 

Read endorsements from a growing number of students, alumni, faculty, and others who have called on Princeton to divest from fossil fuels. 


Submit your own endorsement here!

Check out some of the other universities that have fully or partially divested from fossil fuels. Over 1,000 institutions (worth roughly $14 trillion in assets) have already stepped up. Why not Princeton?


See a full list of divested institutions at Fossil Free.

​Whether you are a current undergraduate or graduate student, an alum, a faculty or staff member, or a parent of a student, we need your help!


Read more to find out the many ways you can take action, both on-campus and off.

On February 13, 2020 (Fossil Fuel Divestment Day), Divest Princeton formally submitted a request to the Council of the Princeton University Community (CPUC) Resources Committee, petitioning the University to divest from fossil fuel. Read the proposal in its entirety.

Have questions about divestment? You're not alone!

Check out our list of frequently asked questions, and find out everything you need to know. Find articles for further reading

A timeline of the campaign at Princeton can be found here.


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